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About PDFSnake

PDF Snake is a Web Application that allows users to automate their complicated, imposing processes. You can customize PDF Snake so that it executes what would be a complicated, multi-step process, via a single command.

They are a super reliable imposing solution and can be tried out for free at their website.

The challenge

PDFSnake was a fully working app that required us to update their user interface to a modern version of itself.

We provided a custom wireframe for this website in a timely manner which the team at PDFSnake loved and we got started working. Our task was to completely remodel the website and the logo to one that would represent the business and their true nature.

We also worked closely with the developers of the app so that none of the changes would damage any of the visuals or functionality of the site. By the end of the week, we had a fully working site that kept the essence of the old site but with a more modern look!

For the website, we hand-made a lot of the site features, like navigation between pages and photo galleries. These were the core needs of the website and the team was happy to see how everything came out.

“A Truly Simple And Beautiful Site“

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