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About PauPics

Pau Pics is a great Design Agency where that focuses on business image and pushing businesses to the next level in the online community. They create Logos, manage social media marketing, and more in the world of design.

The challenge

The challenge for this project was to provide such a well design UI to match the crafts and professionalism of the Pau Pics brand.

We worked closely together with their designers and figured out the perfect balance of utility, web design, and elegancy.

The approach was simple yet effective, we discussed ideas on the elements that should be included in the site, then the design desk team built a wireframe, picked colors, and got started on the work.

We spend many hours on the drawing board. Making changes and making sure that the final product was as desired, after many hours of design the final draft was approved, and we got working on the code.

“An idea turned into reality”

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